Helping to break the cycle of poverty.

Freedom Through Education Nepal (FTEN) empowers the children and families of the poorer communities of Nepal through education and sponsorship. We also provide training by developing skill sets for the parents.

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About Us

Devastating earthquakes hit Nepal in 2015, FTEN founder, James returned to Nepal to look for the street children he had befriended on a visit to Kathmandu in 2013. Once he had located them and found them to be safe he joined teams working to help in the recovery from the devastating earthquakes.

After months working with various teams, he went back to Kathmandu. Reconnecting with the boys. These children were from very poor Indian families. He offered to sponsor them so that they could attend school. The boys took two weeks to give him their answer and when they did, he was surprised by their response. They suggested that this opportunity should be offered to their younger siblings and friends.

He realised that these kids had a chance to escape poverty if they were educated. Enabling them to read, write and do maths had the potential to change everything in their lives and others around them. 

So, this is where FTEN began.

A small bunch of volunteers, friends and family have helped FTEN create a better life for these children and families living in Nepal. 

FTEN has achieved the following in the past ten years :

  • More than 80 children have been schooled in local public schools. 
  • In 2024, we are now providing after-school tutering for children.
  • Effective communication with the teachers has been facilitated 
  • Funding has been supplied for medical emergencies and ongoing medical support. 
  • A small sewing training center for the mothers of the sponsored children was set up in 2019. This enabled the mothers to make tote bags which were sent to Australia to be sold to help raise funds for FTEN. These mothers could not read or write, as none has been able to attend school and most were married at the ages of 12 or 13. The training center had to close in 2023 due to limited funding.

We need your support to break the cycle of poverty. It can be done by providing an education to the children and by providing skills for their parents. 

On average it costs $165 US or $260 AUD to sponsor a child for one years education to attend a public school in Nepal.

Help Freedom Through Education Nepal.
Help Them.

FTEN is 100% not for Profit (NFP) and is also registerd with RAWCS - Rotary Australia World Community Service.

Please Donate to FTEN Directly

Westpac BSB: 036048

Account: 426371

BIC / Swift code : WPACAU2S

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Our Core Values


    We are engaging in a growth process. Our mission is to develop competencies and skill sets essential to Work with the Nepali people. Where aware of our missteps and use humility. We encourage personal responsibility to learn and evolve. 


     We work in one of the poor “Dalit” communities which are part of the untouchable ‘caste’ We seek to develop the younger communities within the families through sustainable education and empowerment projects.


     We empower individuals within families of Nepal to reach their fullest potential through schooling, education opportunities and projects to help woman through sustainable microfinancing options.


     Validating individual experiences we root ourselves in our shared humanity and treat each other with Kindness and compassion. We value equality, dignity and the common worth of all people.


     We promote dignity and worth for all. Combatting caste structures, discrimination, and racism. 

We Never Stop Smiling!

Our work on the ground is focused to bring changes to the lives of the poor through various workshops and projects. 


Videos explaining about FTEN and our work on the ground.

Media coverage of our work

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